Oh Yea? Well, I Have Vampire Teeth in Mine!

This is my bag.

I prefer not to call it a purse, because that makes me feel old. And, it’s not a pocket book, because I don’t know if that name is even used anymore. For the longest time, I resisted even carrying a bag. I had my keys on a key chain that doubled as a card/ID holder and that card holder would slide right into my back pocket with my keys hanging out. Quite similar to that of a janitor (with due respect). My friends were quite keen on reminding me of that fact. I didn’t need anything else and I sure wasn’t going to carry it around over my shoulder!

Then I became a mom.

Now, not only do I keep a wallet and my keys in there, but, upon searching frantically for said keys in my bag recently, I had an eye-opening experience. I couldn’t find them right away because of all this extra stuff clouding my vision. Please note the following that I pulled out of my bag right after my eyes were opened:

Oh! A punk-rock Lego Mini Fig. And, he actually comes with a hot pink Mohawk. Wonder where that is!?

Vampire teeth. The season is upon us after all. I will consider myself in dire need of help if these puppies are still floating around come Easter!

Sheriff  Badge. You just never know when you might need to bring the law. I’m just saying.

Plastic gold coins. I never have been one to carry cold hard cash. Lucky me!

Two race cars. Two boys. Figures.

Hmmm…? I really can’t say what this is or how it got there!

Only one lolly pop? I’d better get another one in there or someone’s going to be pretty upset!

Oh wait! Here’s some Japanese Sour Apple candies from the wedding reception we attended in Iowa in September! Good thing I took those with us! But now both boys can have a candy if I don’t happen to grab an additional lolly pop any time soon!

So, listen, I’d like you to know that each one of those gems went right back into my bag! I could have used this opportunity to clean it all out, but I think they must be in there for a reason! I might just feel a bit of relief in the idea that if crisis should hit, I will at least have the ability to make one of my children a vampire and the other a sheriff and they can do with the rest whatever they want!

Mom’s Bag = Bag O’ Fun (and security!)

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