Oh Yeh? Well, My Dad Can Save More Than Your Dad!

(originally posted @ My Day Job)

In my never ending quest to save money and get our grocery bill down as low as possible; I will be trying a new grocery tonight.  And keeping my fingers crossed.

My father has been shopping at Aldi's for several years.  And tells me often how I should go try it out.  But for whatever reason, every time he brings it up, the 14 year old girl in me rises up.  "Uh... if my Dad shops there, I'm sure not going do.  Lame..."  (yeh, she's a rude little snot)   And in true 14 year old girl fashion - it took a friend mentioning the same store to me and telling me how good the prices were on produce (quality produce too) for me to take a deeper look.

When I saw the advertised price on some of the produce and other items - I was sold! 

Granted, a few things will take some getting used to.  You have to insert a quarter to get a shopping cart - but you get it back when you return the cart.  And you have to bring your own bags or pay for them.  But I have about a bazillion reusable bags I can use. 

So, this week the Man of the House and I are going to give it a chance.  And if my dad asks - it's because of his glowing reviews. 


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