Oh yes. It was definitely a Monday.

Nothing big. It's just all those little annoying things that keep on happening. Like deciding to fix your vacuum cleaner at 8:00 am (to vacuum up the millions of dried puff fragments off the carpet) only to get it clogged on chewed up dog bone bits and have to take the damn thing apart.  Or accidentally hitting your child in the head (and knocking him over) while moving the exersaucer. Or tripping over the open dishwasher that you swore you'd keep closed now that you have a rugrat in the kitchen. Or the Fed-Ex guy knocking so loud on the door that the dog goes into full out fight or flight mode. He chose fight mode by the way, and in the process, woke up the baby that had finally just fallen asleep. So you go to put the baby back to sleep, while half singing-half humming the words to Baby Mine, and it starts thundering even louder than the Fed-Ex guy knocked on the door. So you decide to let baby whine himself to sleep in his crib and feel so guilty that you go eat a half pint of Ben and Jerry's Red Velvet Cake (best ice cream flavor ever), 3 of the new Fig Newton cookies (also delicious) and some Honey Mustard pretzels. Wait. Shoot. Did I REALLY just eat all that? as a snack? Why yes, yes I did. Damn you Jillian! See how hungry you are making me?!  ::Making a mental note to have ice chips for supper::Grumble, grumble. Happy Monday.


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