Ohhhhh Bama

Ooooohhh Bama

September 10th, 2008

Dear Barack,

I want to help.  It is your name I will check off on the ballot in November.  I wanted to connect with your eloquent speeches and jump on to your bandwagon of hope as Hillary has.  I want vote from excitement but we have no chemistry, you and I.  I can’t explain it and anyone can tell you - I’m not a good faker.

This year I will vote my fears.  Specifically my fear of John McSame and his pretty little sidekick Mrs. Failin.  I would not vote for that tag team of destruction if my body and my rights depended upon it.  As it turns out, they do depend on it.  My young sister is a veteran of this nasty war the one I never believed we should have been in.  I am proud of my marine, my military and my country.

Maybe with time my feelings will grow.  I will cherish you for ending this war, protecting this planet and safeguarding my future.  Perhaps some day I’ll love you for who you are instead of choosing you for who you are not.  In the meantime, I will spread the word far and wide….I don’t want to live in the McCain/Palin world where rapists can be Daddy’s, oil tycoons get subsidized with the sweat of hard working Americans, and our children and grandchildren inherit a legacy of war and debt.

Please make me proud of you, our next president.  Bush has made me forget what it feels like.

Warmest regards,



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