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BlogHer invited a group of bloggers to try NEW Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal Duo to see how it worked on their facial hair -- brave bloggers signed up to review this product! Benefit from their courage - go read their posts and see what how it worked for them (there are plenty of photos too!)

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Quick and easy hair removal

Now that I am back to working full-time, and living the semi-single mom life, things can be a little crazy here. OK, a whole lot of crazy! So time for taking care of me is a rare commodity. At the same time, I really need to take care of myself and feel good about myself. As I get older, I am becoming more aware of the importance in taking care of my skin, and I've always admitted to being a little vain about looking younger.  Read more

It works like a charm

My magnifying mirror is sort of my best friend and my worst enemy all rolled into one. When the mirror on my vanity is being a good best friend, it helps me put on eye liner with amazing expertise. When the mirror decides to turn against me it points out the tiniest bump, pore, pimple, wrinkle, or god forbid, hair. I can deal with a pimple or even the slightest of wrinkle. But hair, and I'm armed and ready with tweezers, creams, and a bevy of other contraptions.  Read more

What's up with the mustache?

(This post was very hard for me to write; it required that I reach way back into my past to a very painful time. These are the sort of memories that aren't fun to dredge up, but they're real. And they're part of who I am. I ask for your kindness as you read it; I humbly admit the raw, scarred adolescent still lives inside me.)  Read more

Two thumbs up for Olay!

As a woman I have struggled with feeling beautiful off and on through my twenty-eight years of life, and I don't believe that to be an uncommon battle. Part of being beautiful is radiating the confidence that you actually believe you are. Fake beauty can be spotted. A small portion of that confidence, I have found, comes from taking care of myself. A little bit of pampering can do a lady good!  Read more

Soft and completely hair-free!

One of my earliest memories of traveling with my mother was a trip we took to California to visit my aunt. We went to Disneyland, Grauman’s Chinese Theater, and on a tour of stars’ homes. We ate authentic tacos and sat in the audience for a game show. I had so much fun as I listened to my mom and aunt talk, sing, and laugh.  Read more

Mission: No More Moustache, Please.

My Teenage Self would be horrified to know I now have to concern myself with FACIAL HAIR, but it's true. Getting older, hormones, having children-my body has changed, that's a fact. I mean, I don't have a full-on beard or anything, but I do have some unsightly hair on my upper lip from time to time. While it's not particularly noticeable to most people, *I* notice it, and it makes me a bit self-conscious, especially in the sunlight. EEK!  Read more

By the Hair of my Chinny Chin Chin

One of my chores when visiting with my elderly grandmother as a young adult was to aid her in the removal of unwanted chin hairs. Her sweet arthritic hands and failing eyesight kept her from adequately doing the job herself. While I was always happy to help her in any way possible, I do remember thinking to myself, "This is NEVER going to happen to me!"  Read more

Pretty Skin Means a Happy Mamma!

As you all know, I've been SUPER excited about reviewing a new Olay product. I recruited my BFF to help me do the review, and we had a great time with some GREAT laughs. First of all, getting older means you start getting a little heavy on the granny facial hairs. There. I said it. Facial hairs. Ugh. As if the wrinkles aren't bad enough.  Read more

My Freakin' Amish Beard

It took 20 years and way more money than I'm willing to acknowledge, but I think I have finally done it. I think I have finally found the right combination of treatments to control my acne. *cue angels singing* You guys, I can't even tell you how happy this makes me. I've been battling acne since my teen years. Never severe acne, just constant, unrelenting, scar-leaving acne. It has always been enough to make me just short of insane. But it's mostly gone now! Hooray! Of course, there's always a catch. ALWAYS.  Read more

My Shameful Secret Habit

I share a lot of personal stuff online. My kidney stones. The state of my uterus. Birth stories. One time, I wrote a post here on my blog about how I am really sweaty. That was pretty embarrassing. I thought at the time it was probably the most embarrassing thing I was ever going to write about online. I was wrong. Today, I am going to tell you my deepest, darkest, personal secret, one I don't even think my husband knows because I am so ashamed.  Read more

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