Old Drunken Lady

Today's post will be short and sweet. This mom actually got a night out, away from her kids last night. It was a lot of fun, but I'm paying the price today. I had dinner and drinks with two good friends from high school and drank like an eighteen year old! We even went dancing! I hurt. It's amazing how bad things feel so good at the time!

So, Punky has had a hard time going poo on the toilet. He's been potty trained for about four months now, but has always just waited until he's in bed to dookie. We've tried a lot of things, but aren't very concerned because he's not even three yet. The main "thing" we've tried is bribery! Good old fashioned bribery! This hasn't really seemed to help, probably all that will help is time, but we do it anyway. I bought a bunch of trinket type toys and wrapped them, we keep them in the bathroom for motivation.

Tonight he pooped on the toilet! This is probably the third time that he's managed to squeeze one out on the throne, so it's pretty exciting! This evening's prize was a horse. A realistic horse (see photo below.) Punky was pleased with his horse and immediately named him "Hee Haw."

In looking closer at Hee Haw I noticed that the horse is anatomically correct (very anatomically correct, if you know what I'm saying.) Why hadn't I looked in the store? Who wants to see horse cock and balls? Some sick horse perv out there must be looking for the gonads, otherwise they wouldn't have put them on there, right? I guess I just wouldn't have thought that they'd make a toy for a three year old that actually had detailed genitalia!

BIG and I had a little chuckle at Hee Haw's expense, until Punky noticed. We saw him start to stare, I was just waiting for the questions... Luckily, Hee Haw is a white horse with black franks and beans (it just screams out "look at my bits and pieces," thank you very much.) Anyway, after long inspection of Hee Haw's junk, Punky cries out, "HE POOPED!" and proceeds to fall on the floor laughing like mad.

AAAAHHHHH... My sweet innocent little boy and his new found friend, Hee Haw the porno pony!

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