Old Fashion Values in Modern Times

This morning started out different than any other.  For the first time when my husband got up to go to work, I got up with him.  It wasn't something I planned to do but since I was awake, I got up.

Got to go to work

Puzzled by my actions, my husband continued with his morning ritual.  Instead of the house being lifeless and him moving about as quietly as possible not to wake me, this morning we shared several laughs and listened to the news. Although he didn't say it, I could tell my presence made a difference in the start of his day.  He seemed to be happier as he kissed me good bye and off to work he went.

I know that it wasn't necessary to get up since it's not something he needs me to do but it sure felt nice to see that my presence was enough to change his mood and start his morning off on a happy note.  I know it would have been much better if I had made him breakfast and all that jazz.  But my mother always says " Don't start anything you aren't going to keep up."  While I don't plan on getting up every morning with him just yet I can't help but wonder about how they did things back in the day.  I don't remember if my grandmother or great grandmother got up and prepared a hot breakfast for their husbands every morning but I imagine they did since they had children that needed to be fed.  Since back then Pop tarts and Instant flavored Quaker Oatmeal wasn't avaliable I can only assume they did.  What I do remember was the climate of their homes. That's what struck me about this morning.  It felt like being at grandma's house.  Happy, hopefully and full of life!

Old values

I think from this day forward I will apply more old fashion values in my home.  If a simple gesture can make such a difference in the climate of my home...Not only can I do it.  I will!  It appears to be worth it.


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