The Old Man and the Chair


I was getting my chair prepared for next week's Charlotte convention. I can’t. It’s too soon. There are too many commentaries about Clint Eastwood and the chair.  As I reflect on the actor’s charade, I often wonder why they (the organizers) gave Clint the chair.  One report by one of the cable networks: Clint Eastwood asked for the chair. They assumed he may want to sit down. He was accommodated because of his fame and of course his age.  However, is that the best chair organizers could find?

I have had many opportunities to take a look at the chair. The more I look at it, the more I am surprised at the kind of chair provided to the American icon. The chair reminds me of what one would see in a segregated school during the sixties. Is the chair typical of what a United States President would sit in? Regardless of what one thinks of the President, the chair con is contemptible. Where are the Christian conservatives to denounce the disrespect and the vulgarity that Christians avoid?   What was further sickening was the delight the delegates indulged in while watching the old man and the chair.  The old man asked the chair, “What do you want me to tell Romney?" "I can't tell him to do that to himself. "  What is "that?"  Even a ten year old know what "that" is.

Besides the crudity of the chair, is the propaganda. According to the U.S. Labor Department (, they are 12.8 million unemployed people, not 23 million as the old man with the chair indicated. The Employment Situation for August should be released on September 7, 2012 by the Department of Labor.

The implication for the Republican Party and most of all the Presidential hopeful is damage control all the way to the election. An unyielding optimist, I sat in my chair hoping that Romney would say something, anything to connect with him, to convert me.  He had an opportunity to get me out of my chair. He almost did it with the beautiful rose story. Ahh, the rose story touched my heart, but not enough to be unseated from my chair. He blew it. Instead, I remain haunted by my vison of the old man and the chair. I suspect Eastwood will not win any awards for his satire.

Clint Eastwood may have gambled with a renowned legacy for the sake of showing up at the RNC talking to an empty chair.  His career, which spanned over a half of century is threatened by the use of the chair.  The RNC will probably recover and leave the chair’s catastrophe in the diminishing winds of Isaac.  Dirty Harry will have to contend with a damaged image merely because the chair destroyed his day. Will he help make Romney’s day on Election Day? Pull up a chair.


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