Old Photos of My Grandparents

I truly enjoy looking through old family photos and remembering about the special moments and people in the photos.  Lucky to have a short hall inside my bedroom, I used it as an opportunity to create a gallery wall of old black and white family photos.  The gallery wall also includes a color photo of my son, who was the newer addition to the family and the ultimate creation of all those people whose photos are also decorating my wall.  I have to say that I am mighty proud of that gallery wall and I show it off often. I also shuffle the photos and the frames every so often to give more of my relatives a chance on my wall and to also give my gallery a refreshed look. I do stop often to look at the photos and occasionally find myself just grabbing a frame off the wall to be able to enjoy the photo a little longer while sitting down.

These three photos of my maternal grandparents are part of that wall. These photos were taken in 1924 and 1926 in Cuba, where both my grandparents were born.  I know the years of the photos since my grandfather and my grandmother dedicated and dated the back of two of the photos. They married in 1928.

My grandparents were the two most read more


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