Old School ‘Sesame Street’ vs. New School ‘Sesame Street’

I've been wondering what happened to the "Sesame Street" that I grew up with. The version I've shown my son is very different. All the characters are different: Bert and Ernie are rarely on, and if they are, they aren't together (did they have a fight? are they not friends anymore?), Grover is second to Elmo and Oscar isn't quite as grouchy. But the thing that drives me crazy is that Snufolofogous can be seen by everyone, not just Big Bird. Now he's even called just "Snuffy." That's what 30 years does -- changes things.

In a recent article in the "The New York Times, " Virginia Heffernan explains all of the changes that "Sesame Street" has gone through. It's interesting to read about some things that you never expected were bad for you. Remember when Cookie Monster used to have a pipe, then eat it? Gone.

The timing about the old episodes is because the DVD is now out, titled "Sesame Street: Old School." Yup, we're old school. Elmo didn't exist. I just learned that he's been around for more than a decade. He's now the most popular character among pre-schoolers. Back in the day (um, that's old school) Grover was the popular one. Now, he barely gets a scene.

Go ahead, read the article, learn how evil "Sesame Street" used to be. As a grown up, who watched Sesame Street as a kid, I think some of the changes are overblown, but as a parent to a toddler, I'm very cautious about what my son watches and I can see why some areas of the show have been changed. I wonder what version of "Sesame Street" my grandchildren will watch: I suspect it will be something about that Mr. Noodle guy.

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