An Older Man

Have you seen the film An Education?  You should.  It is about the pitfalls of falling in love wiht an older man... Okay maybe not so much lol.  It is the story about a young girl who is in many ways seduced by an older man who ***SPOILERS*** ends up being married ***SPOILERS***.  This post isn't about the movie it is about the mystique of an older man.  As I've stated before I have an old Dad.  I love my Father and yes... he is old enough to be my grandfather.   Well, I blame my father for the strange maturity I had as a kid.  I love old films and "oldies" music.

So here is my ode to the older... Ahem! My Ode to the Distinguished Gentleman.

I don't know what it is about an older man. I guess the obvious trait is the fact that they are established.  When I say established I'm not talking financially.  How many times must I say it? I don't care abotu a man having money.  I have money. I don't need yours.  I care about a man who knows how to manage the money he does have.  An established man also isn't searching for the meaning of life.  He isn't spending his time asking, "Who am I? Where do I want to go? Do I want to be married? Do I want to have kids?"  They have most of these questions answered. 

Datign guys my own age can be time consuming.  You spend all this time talking and gettign to know each other and then it turns out 5 months later he realizes he doesn't want to have kids.  Or you spend three years dating a guy and then he realizes that marriage may not be in his future... A 35 year old guy has a pretty good idea of what he wants out of a relationship.

One of my favorite perks of dating an older man is... chvilary.  Society is changing so much. Now a days young guys aren't trained properly.  The don't open doors they don't want to pay for you, AND they think that I (a single Black female) am obligated to just be grateful that they are even showing interest... No Bueno!  Not all young guys are like this; but in my experience 75% of them are.

An older man may be an aquired taste, but I can't wait to attend this buffet!

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