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  So my olderest daughter might be volunteering at our local YMCA in daycare. I think this could be good for her if she gets it. She only 12 going to be 13 in Jan. so not to sure if they will let her, but she did fill out forum and they did tell her she was first one to turn hers in so she has a good chance of getting it. I hope so, she needs more things to keep her busy so she not wanting to run around town to much since there isn't a whole lot to do in our town this be good for her.

  I really hope since she going to be in 7th grade so go out for sports also to help keep her busy. I really want her to do volleyball but there are some days she wants to, some days she says she don't want do it. I do know she wants to do track but thats not until the end of the school yr.

  We shall see I guess what she does and this yr got to be better than last yr for sure. Last yr was a mess with all the middle school drama and new rules. We know what to excepcet this yr I hope so it won't be so bad. The only proableme I know we will have is she has the same strict math teacher as she had last yr since one teachers moved to a different school. So that kinda sucks but will deal with issues we will have with that teacher when they come. 


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