Ole'! Guacamole Gets A Delicious Makeover

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Mexican food is a well-known weakness of mine. I've been known to throw a fiesta at the drop of a sombrero, and I've never turned down a margarita...not once. Lately, I've been pondering all the many variations of the classic Mexican recipe for guacamole. In my opinion, tortilla chips have never known a better friend than the avocado, and it's fascinating for me and the Crew to see (and taste!) how you cooks are adding your own twist on this classic.

Juliann Esquivel's Cumin Guacamole

Now, there's no way I can talk guac without mentioning Just A Pinch Recipe Club member Juliann Esquivel! A Blue Ribbon winner for her kicky recipe for Chunky Guacamole with Cumin, Juliann has continued to pepper the Club with her delicious take on Mexican cooking, from traditional to wholly unique! She recently shared another of her family's versions of classic guac, Guacamole Oaxacaqueno.

[This is] another great recipe handed down from my grandmother," says Juliann. "You can add more heat by adding more jalapenos if you like. [To] make ahead of time, put the avocado pit in the middle of the guacamole and cover and store in the fridge. Your guacamole will stay nice and green and won't turn brown until you are ready to serve it!"

Well, I don't know about you, but that tip just made my day! All the more reason to double the recipe and squirrel some away for an after-party snack! Juliann also shares her method for making the perfect tortilla chip to accompany the dip, so be sure to check it out.

Lisa Pardini of Walnut Creek, CA offers her own spin on the conventional flavors of Mexico. Her Roasted Corn Guacamole Salsa combines many fiesta favorites into one delicious bite...and to think it all came about by accident!

"Sunday's BBQ left one beautiful roasted ear [of corn] uneaten," explains Lisa. "I had immediate designs. [That night] the magic was concocted. It was so delicious, I spooned it atop my baked potato along with more sour cream and wow, was that good! Had to resist getting out the chips and finishing it off before anyone else got a taste."

I can't tell you how glad I am that she shared with US! I can't wait to try this using freshly roasted corn from MY grill. Lime and chili have long been favorite corn-toppers for me, but Lisa really steps it up a notch... or dos!

And when speed is your need, nothing is going to top Jennifer DeShazo's Quick, Zippy Guacamole Dip. (Yep, that's really the name!)

"My husband and I love guacamole dip!" proclaims Jennifer. "Unfortunately, we can't always find a version of the dip in the grocery store that we really like. So, I created a fast and easy version that we both enjoy,"

Fast and easy it is! Purists may throw their hands up at Jennifer's use of Ro-Tel along with her avocado and sea salt, but as us short-cutters know, what is Ro-Tel if not pre-cut tomatoes, onions and chilis?! What you may lose on presentation and convention, you surely makeup for in ease. And in the midst of a guacamole craving, speed and flavor are everything.

Go on and get dipping! Whether you like your guac simple and classy, or kicky and creative, there's creamy comfort just an avocado away.

Image credit: Juliann Esquivel's Cumin Guacamole, courtesy Just A Pinch Recipe Club


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