O.M.G. I left my wallet at home!!!

My stomach has been driving me insane since Sunday night. I really cannot recall what I ate that could have cost this discomfort I am experiencing right now. Well, to give you some details but without being too explicit, let's just say that something I ate made me feel oozy and wanting to throw up on Sunday night; whatever it was, exhausted my whole body, drained everything out of me and gave me a very tiring Monday, not to mention countless trips to the washroom today! Urgh! I feel so gross!

Since I have not been feeling well, and Mia was at day care today, I instantly knew that I needed some noodle therapy for lunch. Just the thought of a hot bowl of noodles with simple clear soup and hearty beef motivated me to drag myself to the nearby Vietnamese restaurant called Kim Po. I quickly placed my order and patiently waited for my Vietnamese noodles (Pho) to arrive. After a few short moments, my bowl of noodles was served, and for some reason, I gave a sigh of relieve. As usual, I had a spoonful of soup,

Cooked Beef Pho

then slurped the noodles into my mouth and all of a sudden felt the muscles on my shoulders relaxed. Uncontrollably, I uttered a sound of "HHMMmmmmmm....". I noticed the noodles here were a bit thinner than other Vietnamese restaurants, not sure if it was really a good thing or a bad thing, but it tasted good anyway. The soup was simple and flavourful.

Pho Closeup

The beef was a bit over cooked. Although it is common to order thinly sliced rare beef in noodle soup, with my weak stomach I did not dare to have my usual favourite today. Quite frankly, I was actually happy to see that the cow was dead 10 times over.

After my last slurp of noodles, I asked the waiter for the bill and reached for my wallet. All of a sudden, I felt my eyes wanted to pop out of their sockets, my jaw dropped and my heart palpitating as if I needed someone to perform CPR on me. O.M.G. I could not believe I HAD LEFT MY WALLET AT HOME!!! In that moment, I thought to myself: What do I do?? Who can I call to help? No one I know works nearby! How do I tell the waiter? Do I just tell her that I forgot my wallet and ask if I could go home and fetch the money for her? Questions and thoughts just randomly hit my head at a thousand miles per minute. Then I said to myself: Calm down. C.A.L.M. DOWN! I immediately dug deeper into my bag to look for some change that could have been possibly, casually thrown into the bag after grocery shopping and then, I saw my change pouch. It was quite heavy when I lifted it up so there was hope. When I opened it, I actually had more than enough change to cover the bill!

I was so happy, that I felt like singing Alleluia out loud! Without further adieu, I paid my bill, cool as a cucumber, acted as if nothing happened and walked out of the restaurant in small quick steps.

So what did we learn from my mishap today boys and girls?
Change is not bad. In fact, sometimes it is good to have a lot of change!
(Pun intended too).


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