OMG! I'm Going To Be A Grandmother!

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We have had tons of fun with apple baby names but now that we know we're having a boy, I've settled on Johnny Mac Pippin and suspect I might have to always call him that. What? Grandmothers can call their grandchildren odd names, right?

I sent Jenn apple-themed presents for Christmas. A set of little wooden baskets with apples, a silver apple necklace, an iPad, apple scented soap and I also sent her Chewy Sweetarts because that's what I craved when I was pregnant with her.

And, I finally started getting the belly shots I had asked for -- once a week, almost like clockwork.

I bought her a crib and cute elephant bedding. TW bought her a glider rocker. We've bought more cute baby clothes than I can begin to tell you. I'm well on my way to being an, (OMG), grandmother.

All of those things happened and I kept telling myself to blog this -- and yet I couldn't seem to do it. It's too big. Too weird. Going from being the mom of the infant to the grandmother, it's just too "OMG I'm going to be a grandmother!" How do you blog something that big? It's not at all like when I blogged about being the (reluctant) mother of the bride. Having a grandchild is different -- there's no ambivalence at all -- it's just a huge, glorious thing. It's also a frustrating thing since she lives in Hawaii and I live in Chicagoland. There should be a law against your child giving birth so far away.

OMG I'm going to be a grandmother! Can you believe it?


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