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Johnny Mac Pippin, aka Aiden Samuel, was born at Tripler Army Medical Center on May 15, 2012 at 12:36pm. He weighed a whopping 8lbs and was 21" long. His mother had no drugs and the only assistance was breaking the water 90 minutes before he made his way into the world. Yep. My beautiful, tiny baby birthed a good size baby of her own -- and she did it fabulously. I was in awe of her strength and her determination. Two days later and I'm still in awe. Rockstar. Super Hero. Birthing Goddess. That's my girl!

And, as expected, Johnny Mac Pippin is the most beautiful, perfect, brilliant, funny, compassionate infant on the planet. Seriously. He had a bit of trouble with that compassionate part during the very last phase of delivery where his head just wouldn't quite slide out and that caused his mother a wee bit more pain than any of us would have liked. Johnny Mac Pippin has apologized for that and I'm sure he'll never cause her another moment of pain. Except for that nursing thing, but he's trying very hard to be gentle. Really. I'm sure of it.

Grandmothers are prone to doing ridiculous things like watching a silly video of a baby hiccuping -- not just once, but dozens of times. Over and over and over again. (Joy Des Jardins was notorious for watching videos of Olive this way. I told her it was perfectly understandable because Olive was fabulous, which she was/is, but I didn't quite understand the compulsion to watch. If onesies are a gateway drug for grandmothers, then cute baby videos are the real addiction.)

I'm notorious for being bad at vacations but for the last three days, I've barely glanced at anything work related. I don't think I looked at a single work related thing on the day of Johnny Mac Pippin's birth and on the second day and third days, I didn't turn on my computer until after 4pm. That's what becoming a grandparent does to you. It makes you perfectly content to just sit in a cold hospital room and gaze lovingly at your grandchild. It makes you say things like "He's beautiful" a million times a day. You smile like a nut when you hear him make any little sound at all. It also causes you to ramble at length about how wonderful your grandchild is whenever anyone walks into the room. (I'm sure the hospital staff was happy to see us leave today -- except I'm sure they'll be sorry to see Johnny Mac Pippin leave, because he is so amazingly perfect.)

Now that we're home, I'm enjoying my vacation a lot. More than a lot. Who needs work when you can do this all day?

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