OMG Lindsay Lohan What Happened To Your Face? [+ SNL Promo]

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Lindsay, let's be real. I am not against plastic surgery. I'd slice my baby-havin-pouch with the hideously disfigured tattoo off in a second, and I'd let them take my asymmetrical saddle bags with it. And I'm not above admitting that there used to be a small bump on my nose. But OMFG LINDSAY LOHAN...YOU LOOK LIKE MELANIE GRIFFITH AND NOT IN THE GOOD WAY.

Ahem.  This week Lindsay Lohan will host Saturday Night Live for the fourth time at the astonishingly young age of 25, but she will look like she is 56.  Her promos have hit the internet, and they might be funny but I can't tell because I'm too disturbed by her face.  See for yourself...

Freaky, right?  About a year ago I wrote about Lindsay (then 23) as the terrifying example of the perfect "Year Zero" face (36 for women) but at this point I think she's gone way beyond that to "Year Infinity".  What do you think?  Am I being mean?  Or has LiLo really added 30 years to her face?


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