OMG - Stoopid

So after my last post about not getting anywhere career-wise, I found out that I had an upcoming interview for a job I had applied for and badly want. 
I met with someone in HR to go over interview questions, stressed over what to wear, met with my manager and received positive feedback, and chanted mantras that I felt would help me stay calm and confident.  I was feeling a lot like Mary Tyler Moore (70's reference) when she is standing in the middle of the big city, spinning around and throwing her beret in the air ("'re gonna make it afffter allllll.....").. 
And then I walked into the interview, sat down, and proceeded to make myself sound like a complete dumbass.  Even as the answers were coming out of my mouth I knew that they were wrong. 
The thing that sucks about this is that I get to continue to work with and therefore see, everyday, the three people who interviewed me in the panel, and they must now think that I am a gigantic loser.  Of course, three minutes after leaving the room I was able to formulate strong and confident answers - in my head.   It does me no good now.
Plus my son started a new daycare and I am so worried.  What if he poops and they don't change him for two hours? 

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