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Have I ever tried Yoga or Meditation?

Yoga...ah no. I am not strong enough, limber enough, brave enough or crazy enough to even try yoga. My fragile joints would probably crumble under the pressure. I bet, years ago, I would have been awesome at yoga. I am going to go with that philosophy.

However: I am a big fan. I know yoga people. Instructors as well as students. Yoga obsessed as well as casual practitioners. <----Although the yoga obsessed will say there is no place for casual practitioners. My husband's BIL is a yogi. He has his own studio. He is terrific. It is the basis for all of his life. My SIL practices yoga daily as well. She has been to India a few times on yoga retreats. Serious Yoga people.

My sisters, all 3 of them, have dabbled in yoga. I think 2 of them practice it semi-regularly. My youngest daughter has been to yoga several times. She really likes it. She likes to do it with her aunt and uncle. She fancies herself quite the yoga chick. I admire her confidence.

My husband would super benefit from yoga. He is not limber. Just muscles his way through stuff. I am not suggesting yoga to him though. He wouldn't take my advice and he would probably become obsessed with it and fancy himself a guru. I would NOT love that.

Now meditation is a whole different ballgame. I have done meditation on and off in my life since I was about 25. My father used to be a big meditation guy. He had a chant and everything. I like guided meditation as well as self-directed. I can clear my head with the best of them. I do not use meditation as anything more than a way to get relaxed. To center my thinking. I do a form of meditation almost every night. It is prayerful and focused. Sometimes it is still. Sometimes I am simultaneously flexing and relaxing different muscle groups. I repeat prayers or phrases in my head over and over, as a way to center my mind and lull my body into an uber relaxed state. I usually end up falling asleep. I do practice a type of yoga breathing. It is called pranayama. I had a gal come to my house and show me how to do it. It helps me to focus. I sound like I am super healthy. I am not.

My meditation is habitual so it may not be serving the purpose of true meditation. I can't picture myself in a meditation room or on a meditation retreat. I know a gal who goes to these retreats and stays quiet for days. I am fully capable of this but I would NEVER do it. I would want to buck the system and burst out laughing. Just because....

I think a Yoga body is a gorgeous body. Back to my SIL. She is a beauty. Always has been. Before she started practicing yoga, she had an athletic build. Now her body is quite different. I bet she weighs the same as she always has but her muscles are LONG. LEAN. DEFINED yet FINE. It is the most wondrous thing to see. She is transformed and yet even more beautiful than ever. The same but so very different. I admire her. And envy her a bit as well. Although, I know the work she puts in and I can't get behind that.

I am

just. too. lazy.

I think yoga and meditation are two very valid ways that human beings can nourish themselves. I think any combination of the two will get you in a place; mind, body and spirit, that will allow all the good to flow in and out. I have a book on my Kindle as well as on my iPhone. It is called "The Guru in You". It is written by Yogi Cameron Alborzian. He is gorgeous, by the way.  

The Guru in You invites you to embark on a journey to reconnect with your body and discover its natural ability to heal. The easy-to-follow program, guiding you to better health and happiness, offers diet, supplements, breathing exercises, and yoga tailored just for you.

This is from the cover of the book.

I recommend this book. For what that's worth.

I read small excerpts when I feel super crazy. Or I stare at his picture. Both help me calm down.

I am toying with the idea of getting an audio version of this book. That way I can hear Yogi Cameron's voice.


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