Relationships and Missing Socks

You are probably scratching your head thinking why am I, the Outdoor Epicurean thinking!  Has the fact that my in laws moving in with myself, my husband and grandchildren finally taken me off the edge?  Has the fact that we now have 5 year old twins, baby boomers in the late 50's and 85 plus seniors under one roof caused me to question my stability?  Before you call the men in the white suits, please permit me to explain. 

It has to do with laundry.  Yep, we all have it.  Some have it in tidy little baskets, sorted by color and texture.  Some has it neatly positioned on the floor.  I have mine in baskets, unsorted.  Until recently, my inlaws, bless their hearts, have been doing thier laundry at their former home that we were packing out via a rentback.  Well, the day came when that was no longer an option.  I volunteered to add their laundry to our wash.  I thought nothing of it. I was finished with the laundry for the day. 

The next morning, my mother in law, who attending a Christmas tea, came into the kitchen asking to borrow a pair of black socks.  Of course I said, and I brought a pair to her.  She looked at the socks and said that they looked like her socks and perhaps we shopped at the same store.  I agreed and went about my business.

Later that day, after I had finished my 5th load of laundry and presented her with her laundry. She looked at  her laundry and stated that she was still missing socks.  Ours looked the same, she reminded me, because they had a white line on them.

I took a breath and descreetly let it out.  Why argue over socks? My mind flashed to the movie Miss Congeniality with Sandra Bullock in a beauty pagaent as an undercover agent. The contestants all wish for world peace.  At the time of the missing socks, so did I. I retrieved my socks out of my dresser and gave them to her.  Why argue over socks?  Life is too short.

Later that night, in the privacy of our bedroom suite I told her son, my beloved Caption Rick, that he owed me a package of new blacks socks. 



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