Once a Cheater Always a Cheater?

Once a Cheater Always a Cheater don’t be fooled by this statement because it isn’t always true, there is a way to know if your man will cheat again. Unlike women, men take longer to mature then women, from personal experience I have discovered that not all men will cheat again. Men commonly confuse sex with love and although I am not saying cheating is acceptable it does and can happen to anyone but does that mean your relationship is over? Not necessarily, yes some men, many men, will cheat again but sometimes they won’t, sometimes they make mistakes. Perhaps they are looking for something that they are missing and most commonly men cheat because they are unhappy with their relationship just as women do. If a man isn’t being…. We’ll say “maintained” with routine sex they often will cheat which is a bit different from why women cheat. If your man has cheated it isn’t as cut and dry as one my think; most people say they would leave if their man ever cheated on them but until it happens to you it is not so simple especially when there is a marriage or children involved. The big determinant is whether he is honest and sincere about his mistake, don’t get confused with his lack of talking about the incident as not being sincere, men unlike women would rather forget about the whole thing by not talking about it while a woman needs to talk about it to get through it. Is he unwilling to talk about it completely? This is a sign he isn’t sorry, also how did you find out he was cheating? Did you catch him in the act? Did he fess up or try to lie to you more? This can make a difference in whether he will cheat again; a man that continues to lie about his deception probably will not change but if they are apologetic and honest about their adultery this is a good sign he won’t. Also, but I’m not saying go out and get pregnant, but often children, especially little girls, change the way a man thinks about cheating perhaps they start having more guilt because they don’t want their own children to go through that type of pain caused by a cheater or even them cheating on the mother of their child and causing stress and arguments. Like I said I’m not saying go out at have a baby to get your man to stop cheating on you because the likelihood of that working is slim but from personal experience my man was a cheater, it wasn’t until in his thirties and after the birth of our second child, a girl, did he fess up to his actions, apologize and take full responsibility to change. The most important factor are the lies, once the lies stop then forgiving can begin; if a man continues to lie this is not a man that is going to change or at least he isn’t ready to change yet! If you want your relationship to last once he starts being honest it is important to listen to him you have to let go of your own insecurities so you are able to start the forgiving process. Trust your own intuition when it comes to this matter, if you are suspecting a cheating spouse you have to go with your gut, if your man won’t let you check his voicemails or has secrets from you then it is probably for a good reason and lastly remember relationships should be equal, one thing that is good for one person should always be good for the other meaning there should be no secrets in a relationship not even voicemails, Facebook or passwords “if” you are feeling threatened your partner.

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