Once Upon A Time: "Broken" Review/recap

Where We Left Off: To recap the entire season of Once Upon A Time would probably take me the entire day and make this the longest recap ever, so I will just do a mini-recap of what happened at the end of the season. After Henry eats the poisoned apple turnover (thanks to Regina who had given it to Emma) he is rushed to the hospital where they can't figure out what is wrong with him (it's like it is a magic) and Emma finally believes. She confronts Regina and she admits that everything is true and that they are all fairy tale characters. Regina agrees to help Emma and they both go to Mr. Gold to find out what to do and he tells them that they must get the true love that he bottled and had Charming place in a dragon (the dragon is Maleficent).

So Emma goes and defeats the dragon but Gold has other plans and tricks Emma into giving him the bottle of true love. When Emma gets back to Regina (who is tied up) the hospital calls before they can go get Gold and they are told that Henry didn't make it. At the hospital, Emma and Regina cry over Henry and then Emma kneels down, says she loves him and gives him true loves kiss breaking the curse. While the hospital scene is going on Gold is in his shop when Belle (whom he thought was dead but really was being kept a basically a prisoner by Regina) comes in the store and says that she was told he could help her (loved their reunion!) As Belle and Gold are walking in the woods to the well that grants wishes the curse is broken (thanks to Emma and Henry) and Belle remembers who Gold is, calls him by his real name and tells him that she loves him. They embrace and he tells Belle that he is bringing magic back to Storybrooke because magic is power. We also got a sweet reunion between Snow (Mary Margaret) and Charming (David Nolan).

Tonight's episode starts off with a stranger (persumably in New York) going to his apartment and then getting a postcard (via a white dove) that says broken and a picture of Storybroke on the cover.

In Fairy Tale land, Philip is rescuing Sleeping Beauty with True Loves kiss (and he has Mulan with him). When Beauty wakes up the land looks messy and hasn't been lived in for years. Philip promises to take her to a place where they will be safe.

Meanwhile in Fairy Tale land Mulan can sense that something is about to attack and out comes this creepy, flying thing and Philip cuts a necklace off the creature.

Sleeping Beauty is introduced to Mulan and Philip tells her that him and Mulan have found many battles through the years. Mulan tells them about the creature who sucks the souls out of people that are marked. Mulan tells them that they must go and when Philip gives Beauty a hug he looks at the mark left by the medallian. Mulan, Philip and Beauty are in the woods when Mulan tells them that they need to rest for a while and Philip start building a camp so they can go to sleep. He tells Beauty that she should sleep (and Mulan is constantly watching them) but she doesn't want to and then they kiss. Philip tells her that he will be back in 5 minutes and leaves Beauty (while a tear is rolling down his eye). Later Beauty is asking Mulan where Philip is and she informs Beauty that he was marked and she needs to go after him because he is sacrificing himself for Beauty. Beauty wants to go with her but Mulan tells her no and she leaves. Mulan is searching in the woods for Philip when Beauty shows up, Mulan tells her that she shouldn't be here and that she wants to respect Philip's wishes and that Philip's best chance is her. Beauty realizes that Mulan loves Philip but she denies it. They go and find Philip who is trying to summon the creature. Mulan tells him that she can save him by taking the tailsman and marking herself to save him. The creature shows up, Philip tells Beauty that he loves her and the creature begins to take Philip's soul. He collapses and the two woman surround his body.

Meanwhile in Storybroke, the purple smokes starts to disappear and Charming and Snow decide to see what happend. They go over to Red and Granny, everyone hugs each other and then the seven dwarfs greet Snow. They ask what they should do now and Snow says now she wants to find her daughter, Emma appears behind her and says it's true (Snow and Charming embrace her with tears in their eyes) and Henry calls Charming Grandpa (yeah absolutely adorable!!!). Grumpy asks why they are still here and then they all asks what was the smoke and the Blue Fairy shows up and tells them that magic is in Storybrook but it is different here.

While walking down the street Snow asks Emma if she has any questions but Emma says that the only thing that she wants to know is why Gold did what he did. Snow keeps pressing for it and Emma tells them that she needs a little time to process everything. Meanwhile a mob of people start to head over to Regina's house. They agree that they need to make sure that the mob doesn't kill her so they head over to the house too.

The mob shows up at Regina's house (led by Dr. Whale) who starts banging on Regina's door, she comes out of the house smiling and tries to do magic on them but it doesn't work. Whale pushes her up against the pillar on her house but Emma stops him from hurting Regina. Charming asks Whale who is his but he doesn't reveal who he is. Snow says that Regina needs to be locked up so they go and lock her up. Charming asks why they haven't gone back and Regina tells them because that world is gone. After they leave Regina attempts to do magic again until Gold shows up and tells her that magic is different here. Gold tells Regina that he has to keep a promise to someone and tells her that he knows Belle is alive. Gold them places the metal into Regina's hand and tells her that she won't be able to escape him.

Gold and Belle are at the wishing well (and by the way she looks great now that the curse is broken...her hair looks awesome). Gold asks her what happened to her and she explains that Regina kept her prisoner and she questions if that is why Gold wanted magic, for revenge on Regina but Belle makes him promise her that he won't use magic for revenge. He agrees and then they finally kiss (yes finally). Gold brings Belle back to his shop where he goes into the back room to take out the same pendant that Philip (in Fairy Tale Land) cut off the creature. Gold goes into the woods, plants the medallian and stabs the ground to summon the creature. Regina, while in jail, instantly wakes up to her hand burning and the creature appears in front of Gold and then leaves

Meanwhile, Snow tells Emma that she wants to talk to her and she knows that she has talked to her before about things they probably should have like one night stands (Charming's reaction is great especially when Snow tells him that they were cursed). Emma says that she just can't understand why they gave her away but Snow tells her that she wanted her to have her best chance. Emma then tells her that she would have rather been cursed because they would have been together and she wouldn't have been alone. Emma, Charming and Snow show up at Gold's shop and try to get answers from him. Gold tells them that the purple haze is magic but won't tell them why he brought it and before they can say anything the whole place starts to rattle and shake. Gold tells them that, that is the gift to them that will take care of Regina. Charming tells them that they need to take care of this but before they leave Gold reminds Emma that she still owes him a favor. After they leave Belle comes from the back and tells him that he lied to her and says that he is still a man that makes wrong choices. Belle then leaves while Gold says he is sorry but she doesn't turn back around.

In the jail cell the creature goes after Regina and starts to suck her soul but Charming gets them and distracts the creature for a minute but it goes straight to Regina again and starts to suck her soul. Snow puts it on fire and it leaves, Regina tells them what it is and that it will be back again to finish off devouring its prey. Emma says we have a problem but Charming says that no Regina has the problem but Emma reminds him that they promised Henry that they wouldn't kill Regina. Regina then suggests that they send the creature to where it can't hurt anyone and they go back to Regina's house where they get hat that belongs to Jefferson. Regina sets the hat on the floor but it isn't working and the creature is outside the door trying to get in. The creature enters the room and Charming tries to fight it off with fire, they then set fire to some wood which keeps the creature at bay for a bit while Regina tries to get the hat to work. They asks what the problem is and Regina says that magic is different here, Emma grabs on to Regina and the hat begins to work. and the creature is thrown in the hat but grabs onto Emma and brings her into the hat...and of course Snow jumps right in with her because she doesn't want to lose her again (Charming tries to jump in to but is to late).

In the final minutes of the episode we arrive back in Fairy Tale land where Beauty and Mulan take Philip to the castle that they were going to live in. Mulan asks how Beauty arrived in a cursed state and she says that she made a sacrifice.

Meanwhile Charming is with Regina and he asks where they are but Regina doesn't know where they are. Charming says that he should have killed her but she pushes him up against the wall where these vines appear and when Regina is about to kill him Henry shows up before she can do anything. Red, who is with Henry, runs over to Charming. Regina tells Henry that Snow and Emma are gone and that she is sorry but Henry doesn't buy it and says that she really is the evil Queen and he doesn't want to be with her anymore. She asks him where he will go and Charming says with me. Charming, Red and Henry all leave Regina behind.

At Gold's shop Belle shows back up and tells him that she was worried. Gold tells her that Regina is fine and Belle recognizes the chipped cup. Gold tells her that there are many things in the shop but the cup is the only thing he truly cherishes. He tells her that she must leaves because despite what she hopes he is still a monster. Belle tells him that, that is exactly the reason that she must stay.

At Snow's apartment, Henry and Charming show up and Henry goes to stare at a picture of Emma and Snow. He tells Henry not to worry that he has faith that they are alive and ok, he then promises that he will find them.

Back in Fairy Tale land, Mulan tells Beauty that while she was asleep Philip and her searched for Beauty and that Regina cast a curse on the land and that they were frozen in time for 28 years but this corner of the land was never touched for some reason. She tells her that the land is ravaged and that for those that remained they found a safe haven. Beauty and Mulan hear something and they go over to where the sound is and they find Emma and Snow (Mulan belives that is what killed their prince and they are the ones thbrought the creature).

My Thoughts: Great great great episode! I feel like I have been waiting forever for the new episode to start and it did not disappoint at all. The previews for what is coming up look even better (hello sexy Captain Hook...did he not look sexy lol).

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