One Day

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Open with a joke... um... (I'll put that on my TO DO LIST right after *Finish potty training child and *Mop the floor)

My blog is about pain. Not the metaphorical kind-- Ode to Suffering is not a frequent topic.  I'm talking about relentless burning pain that interferes with just about everything I do.  I've had chronic pain since I was a child, but recently I've decided that it just has to go, and I blog about my efforts to single-handedly cure Fibromyalgia ;)

Wondering why it has taken me 19 years to come to the inspired conclusion that life is better without pain? Read the book.  Seriously... I wrote a book about my life, and at the risk of yet another agent or editor crushing my soul, I'm trying to get it publisized. 

But mostly I write about being a stay at home mom, and all the fascinating adventures therein.  You never know when I'll get started on that joke, so be sure to bookmark me!