One Death and a Seder

First off, I need to apologize for my extended absence. I cannot
believe it's been two weeks since my last post. In my defense...A lot
has happened in those two weeks, and I fully intend to catch everyone
up within the next couple of days...

First up...Passover. As any Jew knows, last week marked the
beginning of Passover. My husband and I had planned to have a quiet
first Seder at home on the first night with just the two of us,
followed by a second Seder the next night with three other friends
coming over to our place.

Come Monday night, my husband and I had driven around town, stopping
at the kosher grocery store, Walmart and the regular grocery store,
shelling out boat loads of cash and stock-piling up on all of the
Passover supplies and kosher for passover goodies.

Heading home at the end of a long day, my husband gets a call on his
cell phone from his mother, telling him that his step-father's dad had
passed away.

"The funeral is set for the next day at 2pm, and it's in Detroit.
Can we come in for the funeral and stay for the Passover Seders?" She

Of course, we agreed to head up the next day.

Leaving the house on Tuesday morning proved to be more of a hassle
than my husband and I had anticipated. Given that the weather in
Detroit is much like the weather here in Cleveland, I was at a loss for
what to pack...As it turns out, the day of the funeral called for snow,
and the next couple of days were supposed to be in the high 50s low
60s. So I did what any gal would do in my situation...I wore my snow
boots and mittens and packed my flip flops!

We also weren't able to get someone to watch the dogs on such short
notice, so we had to pack up their gear, line the entire backseat of my
car with sheets and blankets to help keep the after-effects shed dog
hair from completely covering my seats, and then loaded the dogs into
the car.

Long story short, getting on the road took awhile, and getting to
the funeral home took even longer than we thought it would. We pulled
into the lot of the funeral home within seconds of the funeral
starting. After about 20 minutes of remembering my husband's
step-grandfather, we piled back into the car and headed to the
cemetery. Another 20 minutes later, we were at the Shiva house, meeting
and greeting more step-relatives and friends of the family.

The next thing I know, we're shuffling the dogs from one house to
another, and helping my husband's family prepare for the Passover
Seders. There was a grand total of 25 people coming in and out of the
house during the first two nights of Passover. I think I met more
family members and friends of the family this past week than I met at
my wedding! (I didn't even realize that I had two step-brothers-in-law
until last week!)

In the long run, we had a nice week spending time meeting and
becoming re-acquainted with family and friends. The Seders turned out
lovely...Granted, they were both VERY different from what my husband
and I had planned, but they were still nice.

I suppose there were some downsides of the trip to Detroit...Of
course the funeral wasn't necessarily a happy event. And as comfy as
the packaging claims they are, sleeping on air mattresses for a week is
NOT enjoyable. Neither is hiding two dogs in a condo that doesn't
permit dogs and literally living out of a suitcase for a week. Oh yeah,
and there was one more thing...My car died as we were heading home
Saturday night...

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