One girl. Two Hot Guys. Would you rush to choose or wait?

For the past few months, I've been watching the Bold and the Beautiful. And I have been watching Hope get stuck between Wyatt and Liam.  Both of which, are half brothers.

She was in a relationship with Liam and kept trying to get married, repeatedly. Never could get a legit marriage, but always marrying. She wanted to wait until her wedding night. But of course, her mother Brooke, thought that she go ahead and sleep with Liam. Well, that didn't keep him very long, because he then married Steffy. 

Snyway, jumping to now. Wyatt is th elong lost son of Bill Spencer played by Don Diamont. Wyatt is gorgeous, ambitious and hates to take no for an answer. For those of you that don't watch the soaps or haven't watched it lately, Hope met Wyatt in quite a unique way. She'd planned to get away with Liam at the Big Bear Cabin. But, things went sour and she decided to stay. So went out walking in the woods and she saw a Naked, that's right, Naked man taking a solar shower. Being the young and semi-innocent girl that she still is, she took a picture of him with her phone. He heard the click and turned around to find her watching him. She got shy and panicked and ran away. He quickly got dressed and followed her. She tripped fell and hit her head or something. Then, when Wyatt caught up with her, he dropped down, leaned over her and kissed her. Very Prince and Snow White like. She woke up and her carried her back to the cabin.

Now, he and his mother, Quinn are working for Forrester. They own and created a jewelry company and when Hope was reconstructing her line, she saw their line and hired them. Now, of course Wyatt's half brother and the guy that Hope has been with this entire time, Liam hates Wyatt! Liam came into this and he's gotten spoiled. Bill has really spoiled him and Liam has never had to fight for anything. He needed a house, Bill gave him one. He needed a Car, Bill provided that. He needed a job, Bill again. And when it comes to his love life, he's had Steffy on one side and Hope on the other. Two pretty and powerful girls, each with their own power, that could do better. But, they wasted so much time just fighting over him. Well, he's never had to fight. But, now he does. Because Wyatt is putting a strong fight and Liam is pouting because Wyatt's not backing away and Hope is not telling him to. Liam even when to Bill, to tell Wyatt to back off. But, Wyatt stood his ground and said No. 

Now, for once, all of the attention is on Hope and she's really enjoying it. As so she should. But her cousin, Aly, Thorne's daughter, doesn't agree with Hope stringing them both along. She feels that Hope should make up her mind already. Now, I can see where Aly's coming from. I mean, it's not everyday that a girl has two guys fighting over her. And I would enjoy it, too. But after a while, I would make a decision. And I wouldn't take that long. Hope is a beautiful girl. But, she is also dragging this out, a little too much. It's crazy. And Aly is a lot like me. Nery, Geeky and not always the first choice that guys make. So, if I was Aly, I would probably be a little annoyed too. I mean, My Gosh! Aly's probably thinking I don't have one. But, she's got two and she's just stringing them along. Make up your mind, so that I can have one, are a few of the many thoughts that I am certain is going through her mind. 


But,I wanted to know what you all thought about it. Could you handle being caught between two great guys? Would you rush to make a decision or dragged it? I am curious to know what you all would do. I know what I would do. But how about you Ladies?  


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