One Inspiring Woman Conquered Obesity

I wanted to share this amazing story with ya’ll about a woman who overcame obesity.  Obesity affects over 1/3 of the United States population.

The map below shows the United States obesity prevalence from 1985 through 2010, according to a study conducted by the Center of Disease Control (one is considered obese if their BMI is greater than 30%):

Click the graph for more statistics and data regarding obesity listed on the CDC website.

Meet Jessica from The Journey to Fit & Fabulous:.

In September 2010, Jessica was weighing in at 183 lbs.  By November, she lost 30 lbs and in December, she got pregnant with twin girls.  So, she put her journey on hold & inevitabely gained all her weight back.  Her beautiful twin daughters were born in August 2011, she was walking out of the hospital weighing in at 183 lbs again.  Jessica was determined to lose the weight and begin adapting and living a healthy lifestyle…. and that she did.  Her current weight is now 122 lbs. with 15% body fat.  Now that’s incredible!

What has she been doing? Eating clean and staying active.  To stay motivated, she is helping others to live a healhty life which in turn keeps her smiling and pushes her to meet her goals.

Jessica has run a total of 3 5K’s and 1 4-mile race.  Her 3rd 5K was on August 4th, where she placed first in her age group and set a PR.  Go Jessica!!  August 11th she will run her first 10K, October 21st she will take on her first half marathon, AND February 16th 2013 she will be running in her first FULL marathon!  Wish her luck as she takes on these challenges!  That’s what I call major goal setting… she made a plan, and is working for them.  She’s becoming a runner– love it!

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