The One Item Every Mom Should Have In Her Closet

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It's impossible not to be inspired by the advice and affirmation Cheryl Rosenberg of Mommypants received from the peanut gallery on a pre-BlogHer '11 shopping trip. Hey, sometimes life's little angels show up in mysterious places, so why not the shopping mall? And remember -- for you it might not be shoes. But ask yourself what is the item that will do the same magic for you?

Cheryl writes:

... I zipped them on in Size Gargantuan Land and walked down to where Ciaran was looking at normal-sized shoes. A woman and her teen-aged daughter walked by and the woman said, “Cute shoes!”

“Really?” I said, looking down at my feet. “I keep thinking, ‘Why does a middle-aged mom of three need these?’ ”

Read about Cheryl's found wisdom here.

purple heels

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