One Mom Walks 60 Miles to Support Education Changes

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We all talk about making the world a better place for our kids. I'm sure, in our heart of hearts, we believe that we'd do anything -- even move mountains -- to make sure our kids have opportunities and a chance at a great life. We can talk the talk, but can we walk that walk -- like Heather Ousley of Kansas who recently walked 60 miles to Topeka in support of the organization, Game on for Kansas Schools. Game On is fighting proposed changes to the way finances are handled for K-12 education.

Heather's own words, about why she's walking, were shared on the organization's blog earlier this week. Her point about the state of the current public school system is moving:

I am not here to advocate for one child at the expense of another. I am not here to say this one way – this is the best way to educate all our kids. I am here to say that we have to invest in our public schools because the kids who attend these schools need us. Our kids need us. All of us.

But whether you're from Kansas or not, whether you homeschool or send your kids to public school or pay to send them to a religious based school, whether your kids are grown or just babies, this news story should pique your interest just a little bit. It calls into question that talk we talk -- and we talk it big on the Internet sometimes. What are you willing to do to make the world a better place for your child?

Walk 60 miles?

Walk the Walk
Credit: ryanwick.

Stand in the cold, blustery wind on a November morning supporting your school's levy on the ballot?

Go door to door to encourage people to vote, to inform them about your point of view?

Raise money for a political, medical or otherwise fund?

Teach a class?

Start an event?

Foster a child?

Offer testimony in a bill hearing?

Give of your own money?

The list goes on and on as there are so many things we can do, even in our own little neighborhoods, to bring about positive change in our communities, our cities, our states, our country and our world. I feel inspired by Ousley to reevaluate what I'm doing with my ability to foster change. Maybe that means saying no to one organization so that more of my time can be dedicated to helping something I'm more passionate about, something I really want my kids to be involved in and to benefit from as they continue to grow.

And so what about you? What are you doing -- right now -- to help bring about positive changes in your kids' world? What's important to you? What are you passionate about changing? We'd love to hear about them!

A big thanks goes out to Heather for making us think beyond ourselves and the walls of our own homes today. Rest up, fellow warrior. You have earned it.


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