One Point WW Veggie Maki (Hand-Rolled Sushi)

Easy Hand Rolled Veggie Maki


You'll need:

hands (2)

special 'hand roll' nori sheets (cone sushi)

prepared* short-grain sushi rice

sharp, non-serrated knife

thinly sliced veggies

little bowl of water

moistened towel


Drama level:

moderate, till you're good at it...



Add a 1/2:10 part ratio of rice vinegar with more sugar than salt dissolved in it. Pour over cooked rice and mix thoroughly.

  *Making rice for sushi is 3/4 of the battle.

  *It's kind of a pain for many modern types, but truly is an essential skill for the urban cosmopoliat. Follow the directions on the package expressly. 

   *Don't scrape the bottom of the pan or use any of the browned rice. Some will stick and brown,  It's just part of it.

  *Expect that about 1/4 of the prepared total will not be edible for sushi, as it will stick to the pan, brown, and taste really nutty. Save it for fried rice...


Nori Wrap:

Cone sushi wraps look like rectangles. Put the long side toward you.

Wet your hand (so the rice doesn't stick and grab 1/4 cup of rice and press it on the left half of the wrap, save for a triangle on the lower left corner.

Wet hands again. Press your finger (at 11 and 5 on the clock) to make a divot for the veggies.

Place your veggies in the divot.

Grab the un-riced corner and roll the sushi into a cone .

Wet the edge of the nori as you finish each roll, to get it to stick.

Practice makes perfect. This is not something to 'try out' before a dinner date or party. Your guests might laugh at them until you get the hang of it.

Once you are fab at it, invite sushi lovers over for a 'hand roll party'.


Special Considerations:

  *protein can be added, just count the point for the protein/amount to the total point value

  *check out YouTube keywords: hand rolled sushi, for good visuals.

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