Why Are Adults Dressing as Infants? One Snuggle Suit to Rule Us All

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My husband joked that he loved dressing our baby in white onesies so much that he wanted to send him to college in them. Yeah, well? That doesn't seem so farfetched anymore.

Last Christmas, I noticed that Slankets and Snuggies were The Thing to get among my friends, so clearly adult onesies were the next natural step in lounge-around-the-house comfort, right? I mean, seriously, who can resist?


Have we all lost our minds?


Well, the guys at Forever Lazy thought we needed onesies when they created the Unilazy, as did the creators of the Hoodie-Footie.

Now, while BlogHer's own Julie Ross Godar (aka Honeybeast) put the Hoodie-Footie on her list of "Top 5 Romance Killing Valentine's Day Gift Ideas," it's obvious that these types of items are becoming more and more popular.

So, seriously: What's the deal? Are we regressing? Lazy? Or is it just that we're in some serious need of comfort to get us through these rocky economic times?

But more importantly, which of these would you buy -- or do you already own?

Personally, I might go for the Unilazy, but only because I love the color names. I mean, come on -- who can resist "Comatose Camo" or "Reddy for Bed"?


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