One Step Forward. Half Step Back.

My husband came home earlier than planned.  Yippee.  Also meant that this morning I could get up and go for a run.  No more of my flimsy excuses.  I was going to be Back On Track.

But this morning when my alarm went off, I didn't feel very keen on being Back on Track and I really thought that More Sleep might be the way to go.  And then, with partially opened eyes, I read my emails on my iphone and saw a comment from ElaineR.N. that she was up and out for a walk and THAT is what got me out of bed.

It really helps knowing that others are doing things.  I feel like I have to do my part.  I feel inspired.  I feel communal.  And maybe I just feel dragged along in a virtual kind of way.  I'm very thankful for it.

I ran three miles in the early morning.  It was foggy and the morning air had a wonderful smell to it, but it was one heck of a lousy run.  My tendonitis foot ached.  I averaged a 14 minute mile so I was not setting any time records.  My butt felt like it jiggled.  At mile two and a half, my back started to hurt.  At mile 2.8 I swear my entire right hip flared into a new explosion of tendonitis.

But did I stop?  No way.  I limped on home in my running motion at my very slow speed and got back on track.

But Gee Whiz - another dang spot of tendonitis is downright obnoxious.  My hip had been slightly achy for a while and today really set it off.  Ah well.  I'll humor it and notice it and continue forth.

So....all good.  I exercised.  I'm glad for that.  But I still took a half step back.

I ate leftover pizza with my oatmeal flax breakfast and again at lunch.  I ate half a chocolate bar.  I think I've eaten more, but maybe I haven't other than some bites of the kids sandwiches.  Maybe I've just PLANNED on eating more.

So, I'm not out of the woods.  I'm achy and tired and low on energy and not making the best dietary choices, but my kids are having a fun day, I did run three miles, and I haven't made that fried egg sandwich that I considered making not so very long ago. 

So, one step forward (at a very slow pace) and a half step back.  I think I'm still headed in the right direction!


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