One Step at a Time

Since I had my daughter Grace, I've been wanting to get back into shape. My attempts at better health and fitness began this past spring with walking in my neighborhood as I pushed the double stroller. I discovered that I enjoyed the walks and set goals to push myself further, including participation in 5Ks. I did two of them; the Fat Ass 5K in March and another one in late September. I only completed the last one, finishing last. But I finished. I had improved and gotten stronger over the summer. 

As the cool air of fall came in, I knew my walks would come to an end. I couldn't justify pushing my girls in frigid temperatures just so I could exercise. I decided it was time to join a gym. However, when October arrived (and that cooler air), the Federal government shut down began. Since my husband is a meteorologist for the National Weather Service, it affected us directly. Joining a gym in October was not an option. Not without a paycheck. 

By November, the shutdown was over and funds were available. However, I knew we would be gone for over a week visiting my family in Florida and afterward we would be going out to Iowa to visit my in-laws. I couldn't justify joining a gym and trying to establish a new habit when I wouldn't be home.

So, I patiently waited. 

And waited.

Right before Christmas, I was ready. A couple of days before Christmas, I stopped at a local gym on my way to go grocery shopping. I spoke to a person, toured the facility, and found out the cost. I was pleasantly surprised at how affordable the gym was. I left, without joining, so I could discuss it with my husband (he has been fully supportive, but I just wanted to make sure the cost would fit our budget like I thought it would). A week later, on December 30, I went back to the gym, wrote out a check, and became an official member. My first gym membership in 4 years.

I'd love to say that I've spent every free moment in the gym working out, or at least been there every other day. It hasn't worked out that way. That had been my original plan though. I decided to ease into the workout schedule, more for my daughters than myself since they have never been in any sort of day care before. My first two workouts at the gym were 35 minutes each on a stationary bike.

Unfortunately, due to the weather and then getting sick, I was unable to return to the gym for a week. I only made it because I had an appointment with a trainer to do an intake physical assessment. The numbers weren't pretty, and while I found myself a bit disgusted (by my fat %), I used it as motivation for my next assessment in a month. Afterward, newly motivated and despite still being sick, I did a short workout.

This past Monday, I was feeling better and really wanted to go to the gym. So, I bundled up my girls as my DH slept (he's on overnight shifts this week) and headed to the gym. Unfortunately, Grace was not inclined to stay at the gym. She was inconsolable and I left with only a twelve-minute workout. I wasn't happy. 

One Step at a Time
My last workout showed me I'm already making progress.

However, the next day, I went soon after my husband woke so he could watch the girls. I would have no interruptions. For 35 minutes, I got a cardio workout on the stationary bike again. (I'm slowly building strength and endurance so I can start using the elliptical again. My favorite machine.) Once done with that, I went to the weight machines and did a workout on my arms and core. I did a full, hour-long workout. I couldn't be more thrilled! It felt tiring, yet good. 

I have a lot of work to do to reach my goals. While I'd love to lose weight and fit in cute clothes again (i.e., non-plus size), I just want to get in shape and be able to keep up with my girls. I want to be able to walk a 5K with little effort and not finish last. More importantly, I'm going on a girl's weekend to NYC in May. I want to be able to walk the City all day and not feel exhausted. If I lose weight, I will consider that a bonus. The most important thing to me is getting fit and step at a time. 


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