One of these days... POW! Right in the jugular!

They know what they're doing. "If I put this empty bag of chips back in the cupboard, she'll have to throw it away for me." Or better yet, "I'll just leave a couple of broken ones inside so she'll think I didn't know it was empty and she won't have a reason to get mad." Yeah... That sounds about right.


My husband doesn't read my blog. He says it's because he forgets to, like putting his dishes in the dishwasher or changing the light bulb that's been flickering in our kitchen for the past three months. Since his brain won't remind him to view my stories (even though I've added his email to the RSS feed), I figured it would be okay for me to channel my frustration into writing about him for everyone else's amusement. It's a win-win, right? Unless of course, he gets a wild hair and starts reading. So from time to time, you might be reading one of my stories and say to yourself, "I can't believe she WROTE that, my husband would KILL me!" And if you're one of those people; who rolls their eyes in disbelief, wishing they had the courage to say what was really on their minds; just remember one thing... At least your husband is interested in what you have to say, even when it'snot about him.

My husband and I go way back. We've been friends for over 25 years and have been together as acouple for ten. There is nothing I would put into writing that I haven't already said to his face; but for some reason, I still wish he'd go the extra mile and read I have to say. I get it - he's responsibly challenged, and I knew that when I married him; but sometimes I want to pop a balloon when he's shaving, just to remind him who's boss. Lucky for him, he's still using the electric razor I got him five years ago for Christmas; but when that sucker dies (and it will die), he's getting a BIC... And I'm going to Party City and stocking up on some Mylar balloons! *BAM* 



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