One of Those Rough Days

It's really weird being a sports fan, sometimes. You have this extreme emotional attachment to a group of people you've likely never met. Your mood, attitude and demeanor can fluctuate with how your team performs. You can be on cloud nine or a hot mess, and there's nothing you can do about it.

Well, you can stop following your team. You can accept the idiocy of your passion, and focus on something more real. Like your family. Like your friends. Like your many blessings you don't fully appreciate.

But who wants to do that? Not me. Judge me if you want, but I am grateful, lucky, and certifiably insane about my teams.

Today was one of those rough days.Very little sleep, a busy day at work, jitters when the Patriots come on at 4:15 (like I said, I have no control. This is what they do to me.). We have the benefit (and the curse) of having TVs at our computers at work, so we can keep tabs on what's happening. Or just watch our team and pretend not to be distracted.

Everything just Bad throws. Offense out of rhythm. An easy missed field goal. I left work around 6:30, fully expecting to get home and see a 20-10 loss. To my amazement, I pull up and Twitter to discover Groooonk has saved the day in the form of a go-ahead touchdown with less than two minutes to play. I was thrilled...another comeback chapter in the Book of Brady, and a free Sunday evening to bask in it all.

The author of the Book of Eli had other plans. They weren't as devious as that Championship Game that Shall Not Be Named, but Eli Manning led the Giants on an impressive 80-yard drive, capped by a touchdown pass, aided by dumb penalties and other general stupidity. Giants win, 24-20. Heart sinks. Stomach churns.

Thanks to the Internet, I can move on rather quickly. Things like a Mark Sanchez GIF, making plans to watch the Jets game next weekend via Twitter, and debating the admission standards of Ball So Hard University got me back to a happy place. Few things can be so excruciating one minute, and giggle-inducing the next.

And that's why I love sports. And the Internet.

What's your go-to strategy when your team loses...calling and texting your fellow fans? Grabbing a glass of wine to mull it all over? An angry Facebook status? I'm always looking for new strategies to regain my sanity after a loss, so let me know in the comments :)

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