One Week Until BlogHer: Read These Posts to Get Ready for Chicago!

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OMG! BlogHer '13 is in ONE WEEK. I feel like a Muppet arm flail needs to accompany that fact. ONE WEEK! That said, while I breathe into a bag and panic about all that needs to be done between now and then, I want you to read through some of these great posts that popped up in the past week about the upcoming conference. Maybe they'll calm your fears or make you smile or help you figure out what to pack -- or not pack. My guess is they might make you more Muppet-flail-y excited. Or, if you're not registered yet, these posts may motivate you to make the leap! C'mon, register here! It's a guaranteed life-changing experience. You don't have to believe me on that point: read on to hear it from others!

Laila at Only Laila wrote a fabulous post about setting expectations at the conference. She has a lot of great advice, including this smart gem.

Genuine Business Card Sharing
I took advantage of the Moo and #BlogHer business card special and ordered 100 new business cards. However, I want to make sure that whoever give them to, or take one from, that I have a genuine interest in connecting with them. There's nothing like coming home from an event and having a stack of business cards to send to recycling.

Read the rest of the post for her other great conference tips.

Are you wondering whether or not to bring along your DSLR? Erin at The View from Five Ten says yes to the big camera, along with other things in your blogger bag:

Blogger Bag Takeaways:

  • 1. DSLR: bring it. And an extra battery, memory card, ect.
  • 2. Pack iPad, Notebooks & an assortment of your go-to pens.

Check out what else she suggests to pack in your conference bag.

Christie at The Outlaw Mama compares last year -- her first year -- with how she's approaching BlogHer this year. She's much more chill in general, sharing with us some reflections of her growth since last year's conference experience.

As I look back on the year since my maiden BlogHer voyage, I think back about the people I met there and the ways that the river of my life changed course that weekend. It was BlogHer that gave me the confidence to start pitching story ideas to other publications. When I attended a workshop about book publishing, it was like pouring gasoline on a tiny camp fire in my soul. I sat next to a woman who was a lawyer-turned-literary-agent and struck up a conversation with her. I didn’t mention that I had about 10,000 words of a novel written or that it would be my life’s dream to have her card (and have her take me on as a client). But this year, hell, I just might. But just sitting in that room allowed me room to be audacious: maybe I will finish that book and see what happens.

Read her whole post to see what she's wearing and what her strategy is for the weekend.

Maybe you're stressed about all of the other "stuff" of conferences -- swag, who's who lists, and so on. Don't be. Check out Mona Darling's post about the best "swag" she's received at BlogHer.

But even so, I’m pretty sure none of that unicorn barfed up swag is as amazing as the swag I’ve gotten at the last two BlogHers. That would be the friendships I’ve made. Not to sound all hippie and shit, but seriously.

Finish reading her feel-good post and get ready to have a blast with people you already know that you love, whether you've met in person yet or not!

Elisa and Lisa

Written something great? We want to read it! Share your links here -- and we'll see you next week!


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