The one where my vagina broke

VaginaWhile it is not customary to put footnotes at the head of a post, here we go. Footnote 1 - If you clicked through to this post because you saw the gynaecologically correct term for my Lady Envelope, you need to click away now to avoid disappointment. It’s not that sort of post and no photographs of anyone’s vagina has been posted here. Footnote 2 - Dear sensitive reader, vagina is the gynaecologically correct term for my Lady Envelope and is not used to offend those with or without vaginas…or front bottoms. Footnote 3 - This post is about fear, not necessarily fear of vaginas, although since mine sprouted grey hairs recently I am very fearful as to what other tricks it has up it’s sleeve. Footnote 4 - No vagina should look like a sleeve. On reflection, I am very scared of my vagina.

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