The One Where My Weekend Recap Actually Covers and Entire Week

Yeah, but it's so not my fault. Fourth of July happened smack dab in the middle of the week, I started my new job today and no one actually knows what day it really is anyway! So bear with me, mmmkay?

Way back on last Friday I attended the graduation of the 8th graders at the school I used to work at but don't anymore because it closed because the administration screwed up blah blah blah. So yes, I went to that graduation. It was nice and all except there was no air conditioning. I got all dolled up only to have my makeup melt off and my dress stick to me in ways that are not flattering. Anyway, here is what I wore and what I looked like before the ceremony:

Dress from White House Black Market that I actually wore for my undergrad graduation back in 2006, Nina shoes and Ralph Lauren earrings that you can't see in this picture. I headed straight home after the graduation and Kevin had a few friends over for a cookout. Jenny and her husband came over too. Fun times, but we stayed up entirely too late and became those obnoxious people who keep everyone in the neighborhood up at like 3:00 in the morning. I usually hate those people and consider calling the cops on them when I can't sleep, but no, this time I was one of them. Super.

We did absolutely nothing on Saturday due in part to the fact that we were exhausted from staying up too late and it was pretty darn hot out. Btw, it has been way too effing hot now in Chicago for some time and I am not liking it so much.

On Sunday Kevin and I headed to a family get-together for my mom's side of the family in Cedar Lake, Indiana. We encountered some not so friendly weather on the way there:


These pictures definitely do not do it justice. I mean there was hail and cars pulled over to seek shelter under any overpass! Scary. We made it to the get-together and met up with my mom, sister, sister's husband and the nephew. We did have a really good time once the rain stopped. Good to see people, spend some time outside and eat awesome food! As in lots of desserts!

Monday was relatively uneventful other than going to hang out with my sister and nephew and run some errands. It was too hot for outdoor activities. And on Tuesday, Kevin took the day off and we headed downtown to hang out and walk around. I bought my wedding earrings at Nordstrom and then we went to see the movie Ted. It was hilarious. Raunchy and a little dumb, but hilarious. We grabbed a margarita at Blue Agave after the movie and then got a call from our friends Sarah and John who were having an impromptu cookout at their place. How could we resist? It was super fun, and they have a balcony with awesome views:






Seeeee?! Amazing! And to think that all of those empty lots in the fourth picture used to be the projects--yup, that is what used to be Cabrini Green, quite possibly the worst area in Chicago some years ago. Gentrification is quite interesting.

Yesterday, the fourth, I made it to spin class in the morning and then went to a cookout at Jenny and Tom's house. Had to head home early though since I started my new job today. And that went well too. So that's what has been happening with me. Had some fun times off work, officially finished old job, survived/suffered through hot weather, went downtown, ate lots of barbecue and started new job. Yeah, I'd say that pretty much sums it up.

-Miss Mare

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