the one where they start to call...



Job outlook: update

If you've read some of my previous posts, you know that I have been struggling to find a job. I've applied for over 100 different jobs, maybe 200. It became too depressing to keep count a long time ago. I've had a few interviews, but nothing has panned out.

The worst part.... Is when no one calls. You put in application after application and no one returns a call. Not even one to tell you that you suck.

I feel like a crazy teenager all over again, staring at the phone, trying to will it to ring. Desperately wanting to hear from some boy or another. But this is a billion times worse.

My Luck is Changing, or at least going in a different direction. Sideways maybe?

Last week I got three tentative calls to have phone interviews this week. Well I've had two different phone interviews today. One of which told me they'd let me know by Wednesday whether or not they wanted a face-to-face interview. Luckily they called back within 30 minutes to set something up. The other, I sort of stammered my way through. Not the best, but it ended on a good note. I think.

My self esteem has risen an inch or two. At least someone is calling. Right?

The jobs are all over the place, and nothing even remotely useful to my degree. I do not care. I will be the best, most epic employee they've ever had. I will rock their socks off, if given the opportunity.

see that future, potential employers; I promise to rock your socks off.


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