One Win Away

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The Tampa Bay Rays are one win away from going to the World Series.

I know BlogHer is a nonpartisan organization, but when it comes to sports teams I have trouble being objective. I grew up in Tampa. I remember the Tampa Bay Devil Rays (they had to drop the Devil part recently, even though the Devil Ray is a legitimate animal - don't even get me started on that subject) playing their first game in 1998.  I watched them lose season after season. It has been tough on the Rays. They have had one of the lowest payrolls in Major League Baseball ever year and they have the misfortune of playing in the America League East with the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees, who just happen to be the winningest team in baseball history.

Until this year the Rays have never finished a season with a winning record. This leads to the logical conclusion that Tampa Bay has never before seen a post season game at all. This year they won their first playoff series and it looks like they just might win the American League Championship Series.

When I moved away from Tampa in 2006 there were entire stores in the mall dedicated to the Yankees. The New York Yankees hold their Spring Training in Tampa and since the Rays are still a fairly young franchise a lot of Tampa Bay natives were still rooting New York.

I would like to think that people back home are jumping on the Rays bandwagon now - now that they are leading the Boston Red Sox 3 games to 2 in the ALCS.

What that means is that Tampa Bay only has to win one of the next two games to play against the Philadelphia Phillies in the World Series.

Enough from me. Here is some more proof that the Tampa Bay Rays are shocking baseball fans all over the place. 

From Boston Brat:

* Last night was the first time I was ever able to use the words, “Tampa Bay Rays” and “fans” in the same sentence.

* In all the years I have had this website, I have received comments
of an unpleasant nature from various professional sports fanbases. Most
notably, NY Jets, NY Giants, NY Yankees, and Pittsburgh Steelers. I am
proud to announce for the first time in the seven-year history of this
here website, I was heckled by a… get this… Tampa Fan!

I would take offense, if I didn't see the truth in it.

Apryl actually spotted Tampa fans traveling for their team:

Just when I was stewing about the fact that Tropicana Field was full of red – lo and behold – Fenway Park had Tampa Bay Rays
fans! ... I’ve complained that Tampa residents need to stand up and claim their Rays
–regardless of where they are from... But alas, back to my
original point…there were several people at Fenway Park wearing Rays
garb. How does that feel Boston Red Sox fans? You look at those folks
with disgust, don’t you? Ha! Now you know how the rest of the baseball
world feels when you grace us with your presence in our home stadiums.

Traveling? Rays fans? This could be a sign of the Apocalypse.

But this - this seals the deal -  an entire blog dedicated to the Tampa Bay Rays writeen by a woman. I am so happy I could cry.

Just one more win, Rays. Keep making history.


Contributing Editor Sarah Braesch also blogs at Sarah and the Goon Squad and Draft Day Suit.





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