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If you’ve been following my blog, you should know very well by now that I am a big fan of home made bread.  I’ve been baking my own wild sourdough bread for a few years now (thanks to my friend Rimma, who showed me the light), wrote about it plenty, and took some pretty decent pictures.  I own about 97 per cent of the currently published good books on artisan bread making (ok, let’s not exaggerate here, it’s more like 93 per cent at the most), and my kitchen, though it has been minimized and downsized in the last two years significantly due to the interstate move, has nonetheless seen a steady increase in various bread making equipment — from proofing baskets, to flax couche (never to be moistened, god forbid!), to parchment, to loaf pans, to grain mill, to cast iron combo… you get the picture.  But, you know, for a true junkie no amount of junk is ever enough.  So today’s post is about my latest acquisition.

Semolina+Sesame+Spelt+Sourdough bread in a stone baker

Semolina+Sesame+Spelt+Sourdough bread in a stone baker

I happened to participate in a staging of our church’s community “garage” sale.  I must admit that I had never before took part in anything of that sort, so I was quite overwhelmed with both the amount of stuff to be sold and the effort that went into setting this whole thing up.  I am not going to get into too much detail about the event itself; suffice it to say that it took us four full days (volunteer helpers were coming and going in shifts) to get everything ready.  It was a lot of work....

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