One Woman's Abortion--and How It Saved Her

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[What if abortion were illegal? Unimaginable, right? Yet in recent weeks conservatives in states from Indiana to Tennessee have passed laws making it as difficult for women to obtain one as possible. On Esoterica, Karynthia explores her support for abortion through a pregnancy that went terribly wrong.-Mona]

She writes:

So, there’s this lawmaker out of Kansas who has lots to say about abortion. He’s currently best known for saying that women should plan ahead in case of rape and not expect their regular insurance to cover an abortion if they want one after being assaulted. And we could spend a lot of time going around about the flaws in his logic, or even hashing out when life begins, but really this post isn’t about any of that. This post is about the idea that anyone besides the pregnant woman should get a vote in what she does with her body after finding out about a pregnancy. For a host of reasons we as a society seem incapable of accepting bodily autonomy in women.

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