ONE WORD for 2014

Now that the holidays are over, it gives us a chance to reflect on the year behind us and look to the fresh new start a brand new calendar can give. I’m not one for resolutions per say. but I have been reading and hearing about the concept of embracing a single word philosophy for the year. A motto, a call to action, to give clarity and direction to our steps for the year.

I like to take the month of January and refrain from shopping and even going to the store as much as possible. With all the rush, spending and eating out of the last few months, striving for simplicity is a welcomed change. It helps me to gain focus. To not regret the past but see where I’d missed the mark, get perspective and decide what I’d like to accomplish in the year ahead.

ONE WORD for 2014


Through much thought and reflection, I have found a word that works for me.

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