Onesies completed...

Hooray!  As I mentioned last week...I hoped to have some onesies completed soon to take to GALA...and, after a busy, busy weekend of cutting and sewing I finished them up last night and dropped them off this morning... IMG_8784
IMG_8771I've always found the onesie thing hard.  How to judge what size and color is going to be the most popular, etc.  When I did the two craft markets (here and here) two falls ago I only made a few onesies in one size just to "test the waters".  And, people liked them.  But, there were often questions about size, etc.  It's just so hard to know, really.

So, I made four different designs in four different sizes in four colors that I think are nice.  IMG_8790

I made some that are more "boyish" IMG_8797Some that are more "girly" IMG_8765And then some that are more gender neutral... IMG_8794

I am excited to see how it goes! 

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