The Online Mom Blind Date

I did it last week.  I flew to Florida to meet up with eight other women ... NONE of whom I had ever met in real life.


Oh yeah.  I was excited, but totally about to poo my pants.  I mean, what if we all hated each other?  What if everyone liked everyone else EXCEPT me?  What if we had that one mom show up who would tell the rest of us how we were doing everything wrong?  ACK!


Yet, I couldn't help but go.  It was a much needed break, and I was joining up with other mothers who are parenting extreme behavioral disorders.  If nothing else I could eat my meals, get a wee bit of encouragement, and then hide out in my room the rest of the time.


I was enormously surprised.  Flabergasted.  We could not have created a more perfect infusion of women.  It was very risky, but only the bravest of the brave actually made the deposits and paid to fly out into this Online Mom Blind Date, of sorts.


However, I've had other (much smaller) encounters over the last few years which did not turn out so hot.  I have met up with other families/women who read my blog.  The vast majority are comfortable and enjoyable.  Yet, every once in awhile I have one that is not. fun.  Could be that the other person has a very strong personality and enjoys pointing out our differences.  I've had a few try to fix me, because I don't share all of their thoughts and beliefs.  I've had a few try to fix me because I'm not hardcore enough in diet or faith or writing or (whatever).


Yet, I still do it.  The ones who are great matches are GREAT matches.  I have made lifelong friends online.  I have most of them on speed dial now.  For me, it's worth the risk.  Florida - that was a MASSIVE risk.  But hey - even Florida can overshadow oppressive company, ya' know?


What about you?  Have you ever taken the plunge and met someone sight-unseen?  How did it work out?  Did you dive back in after a bad meet-up or are you still hiding out ... "Sorry, I can't make that meet-up.  I'm washing my dreads that night."?




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