The Only Constant... change.

You may have heard the saying before. Growing up, my father liked to remind me that change is constant, to be adaptable, open-minded and willing to try new things. I think that his lesson has served me well, though I never imagined I would apply it to food allergies. But, here it is, staring me in the face yet again this morning. After two flopped attempts to make pancakes without eggs, grains or nut flours, I'm beginning to think that perhaps I should just cherish my childhood memories of fluffy pancakes and move on.

It's hard to give up on pancakes though, especially when a certain adorable two year old is requesting them so sweetly. Maybe I'll keep trying, and simply give up on the expectation of achieving anything akin to fluffy. Fortunately, my son's idea of pancakes are much different from mine, making him much easier to please.

Go ahead and laugh. This was the better of the two attempts! Perhaps I just need to change my definition of pancake. Perhaps it could be any batter-like mass that is round and cooked on a griddle.

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Shanon Hilton is a mother to a child with multiple food allergies, wife, aspiring farmer, and passionate food advocate. She writes about her thoughts on food, farming and health at

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