To assume plus-size people don’t go to the gym is untrue, however, I once was a member of a gym where I was literally the ONLY plus-size gal who went there. Shocking right!? There wasn’t a ‘NO FAT CHICKS ALLOWED’ policy or anything and the other gym members weren’t all LORD OF THE FLIES crazy looking at me sideways. It’s just that I lived in WEST HOLLYWOOD at the time which is home to all the model/actor wannabes and a high gay population. So it felt like everyone was of hard bodied muscled stature except curvy little me.

I usually walked to the gym in workout gear, went in, did my spin class, had a quick sauna in my size 20 black tankini and went home. It took me an entire month before I realised I’d NEVER seen another big girl there. Granted this is not usual to be the only plus-size girl in a place of exercise worship but this is how it was at the time. I guess I just didn’t feel out of place being there!

All my life I have been on yo-yo diets losing and gaining weight but going to the gym as a curvy girl has never bothered me. I always refused to wear baggy pants and t-shirts as I get too hot and the pants seem to bunch up between my thighs and crotch. I much prefer stretchy black leggings and a tank top.

I was once hit on in the co-ed sauna by guy wearing a Speeedo who was a regular gym-goer and serious cyclist (bike shorts and all). I would have been a size 18-20 at the time but wasn’t confident in myself like I am now and just couldn’t believe a guy would be interested in me looking the way I did. But that was then and this is now.

In most cases people are completely focused on themselves anyways. So if one of your goals this year is to take a class, get a trainer or use the treadmill for 30 minutes in an effort to get healthy then please don’t feel intimidated. Oh, and go sit in the sauna for a while if you’re single. You might just get a date out of it!!

What have been your gym experiences GOOD or BAD?

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