Only A Phone Call Away

When Brittany got around to using the blender we recently gave her and realized she had received our older one she called to ask why we hadn’t given her the new one?

John told her it’s called “hand me down” not “hand me up”!

She has become quite domesticated since she moved into her apartment. She calls often with questions about recipes and ingredients. She also delights in buying new kitchen items and calls to describe them to me as she unpacks them from her shopping bag: a pink skillet, 15 lemon scented trash bags, etc.

One day she offered to make dinner for a friend at his apartment. The idea was she would have it ready when he came home from work. All afternoon she called me with questions about the recipes and then I got this call:

Brittany: “I set fire to the stove!”

Nancy: “Is it still on fire?”

Brittany: “No, but it set the smoke alarm off and I didn’t know how to stop it so I ran next door to ask the guys there to come over and help. They did, but I’m afraid to use the stove again. He’s got tin foil on the burners and I think that’s what caught on fire.”

Nancy: “Um…take the tin foil off.”

Brittany: “But, doesn’t that keep the burners clean? He might get mad.”

Nancy: “Tell me again what I’m paying in college tuition?”

I never know what she’s going to talk about when she calls. One night she called me and asked what movies I want to see someday. As I mentioned titles she would tell me the whole plot. She’s really good at mimicking people and can completely recite entire scenes. Often I’m disappointed when I actually see the real movie.

Other times she calls just to vent about something. This usually ends up making her feel better, but then I’m the one who’s stressed when we hang up!

After she called for the 3rd time one day venting she said, “I’m so glad you only had one kid – I can’t imagine if I had brothers and sisters taking up all our time on the phone!”

Me either!



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