Bloggers Connect Like Never Before With OnStar FMV!

BlogHer recruited 14 bloggers to have a new OnStar FMV mirror installed in their car. What is OnStar FMV you ask? It's the OnStar security system designed especially "For My Vehicle" to keep you well-connected on the road!  For the first time ever, OnStar can be purchased at a retailer and added to (most) any vehicle with the new OnStar FMV mirror. You won't believe all the cool things this system can do.  Read about the bloggers' experiences with the OnStar FMV system and be sure to visit OnStar on Facebook!

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I Am Mommy feels like OnStar is part of her family now, “I feel more secure knowing that if anything should happen while I am driving, someone will know.  Not only will they know, they will help.”

The Meanest Mom thinks the new OnStar system is perfect for her, “because, like most moms, I practically live in my car. The OnStar FMV mirror provides the safety and peace of mind that we all need as parents and caretakers of young children.”

My Romantic Home already knows she will be renewing her subscription next year. I'm always taking road trips... It will be so nice to just hit a button and tell them where we want to go to and get turn-by-turn directions!”

More Great Reviews:

Buns in my Oven knows “that I have OnStar means peace of mind while I'm not connected via cell phone. If I get in an accident, they'll know right away. If I have car trouble I can just push the blue button and talk to a live person instantly.”

The Frugal Girl shares that “because the FMV operates off of voice commands, I think it would have a definite leg up on a GPS if I got lost or needed to change destinations in the midst of driving.”

The Cottage Home loves that “they can even bring you enough gas to get you to a gas station, should you run out. Pretty neat if you ask me!”

Do They Have Salsa in China shares that her “OnStar FMV mirror got service on even the most remote dirt roads at the very tippy-top of mountains! I could press a button from anywhere (and believe me I tried it everywhere) and a bonafide human came on the line and helped me with any problem I was having!”

Sew Much Ado enjoys that “if I'm looking for a new quilt shop, I can let the adviser know the name and city and they'll look up the address for me and get me on my way - so convenient!”

What If No One's Watching? likes that her OnStar FMV “ has provided me excellent turn-by-turn directions and I’ve set up the Bluetooth connection with my phone so that I can make and answer calls while I’m driving. Both work very well!”

BooMama shares that her “husband loved knowing that if my phone rang, I didn't have to do one thing but touch the phone button on the mirror to be connected on speakerphone, hands-free.”

Sew a Straight Line agrees that “the installation for the mirror was super quick and easy: 1.5 hours later, they called me back to pick up my car with it’s fancy-schmancy new OnStar mirror and I was good to go!”

Be Different, Act Normal likes that “asking for help is as easy as pushing a button. If something were to happen and my kids needed to ask for help, they would be able to push that little blue button and talk to a real live person.”

It's a Wonderful Life likes “the fact that if it's a business/restaurant, you can tell them the name and they will pull up the directions for you and then have the system read it to you. If it's a personal address, you just tell the advisor where you want to go and she'll download directions for you!”

Baker's Royal admits her OnStar FMV is “gadgetry at its best! Technology has come a long way: Seriously, life with ease is so much better than life with madness.”

Don't forget to visit OnStar on Facebook and learn how you can stay connected like never before!  For more information about the OnStar system, visit the site here.