Oooh, being The Peoples witness

Last week I got to testify in court. not just testify but testify as the main witness for the prosecution in front of a jury. and it was exhausting.

Its very rare that one of my criminal cases actually gets in front of a judge and even rarer to go in front of a jury. The cases usually get dropped or plead out, our criminal justice system has a hard enough time slogging through all the human victim cases so animal cases are usually way at the bottom of the pile. This case was interesting because the owner and operater of a dog day care business was arrested for starving 4 of his own dogs. Not to death because someone tipped us off quickly enough but they were in very poor condition.

I am very careful not to make cases personal, I try not to feel hatred for the perpetrator because carrying that around only affects me and don't need surplus anger in my life but this guy really pissed me off. I meet a lot of people who are really, genuinely not that bright, who commit crimes of neglect because they don't understand what it takes to care for an animal. or they beat an animal because that's how they were raised and it doesn't register that it's wrong. But, in my opinion, someone who works in animal welfare abusing animals is akin to the pedophile school teacher.

So, I was on the stand for 2 hours. TWO HOURS! by the time it was over I was drained mentally and emotionally. The defense was excellent and really raked me over the coals. She was relentless in trying to trip me up and phrased all her questions in an unnessesarily complicated way. The mental gymnastics used up all my blood sugar and left me ravenous. I hope if I ever get arrested I get her as my defense. I felt like I did okay, replaying it in my head afterwards there were obviously things I would have changed but for the most part I feel good. It's easy to feel good if you tell the truth, which I always do.

I'm now waiting for the result, which hopefully will come down today. Even if he's found legally not guilty I am still content with the fact that all the dogs got rehomed and are doing great and he had to spend hours in court which must be a huge inconvenience. Either way, by going through all this I'm letting go of my anger and I'm feeling good.

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