Ooops....I lost my focus.  I'm pretty sure I have only misplaced it though.

I've been doing other stuff.  All of it equally important and emotionally gratifying, but I've veered away from my hyperintensive job search.  I try to rationalize it as "networking."  But I'm not sure how long my savings will allow that rationalization.  I hear that my mortgage company doesn't accept that as payment! 

This week, my focus is on the holiday and catching up on some projects that I've promised to family.  Next week, I'm back in the thick of the search - and will be calling the realtor to list my house.  I did pack my first box yesterday thanks to my ass-kicking bff who woke me up yesterday with a list of things to accomplish.  (Thank God she did - it was super helpful.)

In spite of my procrastination, I feel like I've been healing my heart and mind this past couple of weeks.  I feel like I have grown immensely and I am truly on the path to the best of my future.  Things have come together in an amazing way.  I ran into an old colleague who I really like but lost touch with - and lo and behold - she lives in my soon to be new hometown!  She referred me to a firm that is right on A1A and to whom I have sent my resume.  Then, I ran into my son's best friend's parents here locally, and found out that her dad is a house flipper and he specializes in my soon to be new hometown!  It's absolutely crazy that everything seems to be pointing me in that direction.  Even though I haven't been entirely focused on my job search, I have been "networking" and making steps in the right direction!  

The day I left my job, I knew I had a ridiculously long list of things to do to make this happen.  It felt overwhelming but I was invigorated by a sense of renewal and the prospects of new beginnings.  Today, I truly feel like my list has shrunk significantly.  I feel that  a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I believe that my journey is progressing exactly as it should.  I am where I am supposed to be and things are revealing themselves to me at the right time.   It's like Apple Maps.  I know where I want to go and I know I will get there, but I can't quite make out some of the parts of the path ahead just yet!  


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